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Biomold Putty

Biomold Putty is based on an innovative form of 45S5 bioactive glass.  The Putty utilizes Idea unique spherical bioactive glass particles with a optimized, bimodal size range. The combination of the BioSphere particles and a resorbable, phospholipid carrier results in a bioactive Putty with the highest bioactive glass content on the market, excellent handling, and improved bone healing.

BioSphere Putty 3

Glass Content

Biomold Putty has the highest bioactive
glass content of any bone graft putty or
sheet on the market.

BioSphere Putty 2

Superior Handling

The use of a highly moldable  phospholipid
carrier results in a cohesive putty with superior
handling that does not fall apart.

BioSphere Putty 3

Bone Healing

The spherical particles in Biomold Putty
have improved the bone healing properties
of bioactive glass.



Bone graft composed of bioactive glass

  • Bioglass forms a bone-like mineral layer on its surface that promotes bone formation and attachment [1]

  • Bioglass dissolution ions stimulate cells involved in bone healing [2]

Spherical particles provide uniform resorption and ion release

  • 3-D sphere packing provides an optimal porosity for bone formation throughout implant site

Bimodal size particle range

  • Small spheres  provide fast resorbing particles that starts the bone healing process with a quick release of dissolution ions.

  • Large spheres  provide slower resorbing particles that provides a scaffold for bone formation and longer term ion release

Resorbable phospholipid carrier

  • Allows Biomold Putty to have a high bioactive glass particle content Creates a moldable putty with excellent handling and cohesiveness Naturally occurring phospholipids are absorbed by the body and used by local cells

Highest bioactive glass content on

the market (80% w/w)

  • Provides complete filling of a bone defect with bioactive glass particles

  • Results in better particle contact with the edges of the bone defect which promotes faster healing

  • Minimizes particle settling after carrier resorption

Excellent handling, resistance to irrigation,

and graft placement

  • Putty can be easily customized to fit the surgical site Does not wash away with exposure to blood or irrigation fluid Designed to be mixed with particulate autograft

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